Unica Foods is proud to produce and distribute Pasokin. A peanut snack that is tasty and healthy at the same time.

San Diego, heart and love of California, is also the birthplace of Unica Foods. Located on the Pacific Coast, excellent weather, beautiful beaches and full-bodied lifestyle are integral to this spectacular city and Unica Foods is proud to be a part of it. Founded in 2015, Unica Foods was born to bring  products to the market which add to the life and experience of our consumers.

Unica Foods mission is to distribute high quality products, made with natural ingredients that are rich in flavor and pleasant to eat.

Our structure is focused on the retail distribution of locally produced products. Concerning quality, we are committed to efficiently exceeding all expectations. We believe quality, commitment, and efficiency are all characteristics critical in the success of any business and add to the synergy we share with our partners.

Marco Amselem, CEO

858 368 9435

8860 Kenamar Drive #306

San Diego 92121