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Our ambassadors are passionate storytellers, inspired by the world around them. By forging meaningful connections with fellow explorers and embracing their local

communities, these doers share Pasokin’s commitment to positive and fulfilling experiences. That’s what #pasokinlife is all about.

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Breakaway Training Team

Breakaway is a premier Multi sport team. We sponsor a team of 19 great guys who are not only exceptional elite or age group endurance athletes but also truly embody the spirit of Breakaway Training; “Work hard. Race harder. Have a blast along the way”.

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Columbia Vidaraid Adventure Race Team

Columbia Vidaraid is an international adventure racing team. They are currently 2nd on the overall World Championship ranking and pasokin is one of their secret weapon to stay strong.

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Guto Lamera Professional Skateboarder

Pasokin is honored to support such a great talented skateboarder like Guto. He has an unique style and his ability with a longboard impress anyone around him.

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Lucia Souza Yoga Instructor

Lucia fell in love with Yoga as she was doing it just as a continuing education to maintain her PT license. Lucia became a RYT in 2013. “Yoga has changed my life, I accept myself the way I am, I’m content with what I have and I havelearned to live the present moment. As a yoga teacher I’ll pass it on”

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Carolina Diago

Carolina Diago is a busy TV Host/ philanthropist/ athlete/ mother of 3/ wife. Born to a Colombian hotel industry family, Carolina spent the first 16 years of her life living in 13 different cities around the world, spending the largest amount of time in Brazil. Since then, speaking three languages has allowed her to excel on various local, national and international television channels.

She blogs about fitness and is an avid athlete who practices yoga, races triathlons, and runs marathons, proving you don’t need tons of time to become a fit, healthy, and still sane mother and wife. Connect with Carolina and her labor of love on instagram @caritodiago.

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