CEO of Pasokin will lead his team in the World’s Toughest Race!

Pasokin founder and CEO, Marco Amselem, will captain his adventure racing team Vidaraid during the Eco-Challenge 2019–the World’s Toughest Race, which happens in less than four weeks in Fiji. Vidaraid is one of the 50 international elite teams selected to participate in the Eco-Challenge 2019. Each race team is be made up of 4 competitors and must have at least 1 member of the opposite sex.

The athletes are going to face “a potent combination of surviving in the wild, braving the elements and showing what true endeavor it takes to complete one of the most intense expedition races the world has ever seen,” says Bear Grylls, from Discovery’s popular survival show “Man vs. Wild.” Now, Grylls will head to Fiji to host the revival of the famed adventure race Eco-Challenge. First aired in 1995 on Discovery, the new “Eco-Challenge” will premier on Amazon Prime Video in 2020.

The racecourse of about 400 miles in length will cover sections of jungle trekking, climbing fixed ropes, outrigger paddling, repelling, pack rafting, paddleboarding, indigenous watercraft and sailing. Teams can only use a map and compass to navigate and must finish each leg together. Eco-Challenge Fiji starts on September 5th. Follow Marco and his team here and stay tuned for more updates.

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