Peanuts in the world

Peanuts are grown in tropical and subtropical countries both for their nutritional value and economic importance. A rich plant-based source of oil and protein, they are eaten in many forms, used as an ingredient in savoury recipes or incorporated in confectionery.

In Southeast Asia countries, like Indonesia, they roast peanuts and grind them to a paste to make the famous satay sauce for meat grilled on skewers. A groundnut paste is also added in chicken stews in West Africa, while in some other African places, a locally made peanut oil (extracted from the kernels by merely pressing) is used as an ingredient in regional dishes. In Brazil, roasted ground peanuts are mixed with sugar to make paçoca (see Top 5 Brazilian Sweets), a national sweet sold everywhere—from street vendors to cantinas in schools—and traditionally eaten during Festa Junina, a popular festivity celebrated all over the country in June.