Camila Badaro

Food, Product and Lifestyle Photographer - San Diego, CA
Photography has always been my passion. I bought my first DSLR camera in 2013 and started to take photography classes. After a couple of years of shooting families, I came across an opportunity to shoot food for a NY startup that was opening in San Diego. Since I am a total FOODIE, I decided to give it a try. It was love at first sight. After over 350 restaurants photographed all over San Diego, L.A., Mexico, Brazil, I still feel the same enthusiasm for my job. I absolutely love what I do.
What’s your favorite Pasokin product? How do you like to enjoy it?
I love all the Pasokin products (including the hat 😉 ). The PB Bites Original is my #1 because the taste brings me back to my childhood in Brazil, where we ate them as a snack during the elementary and middle school break. It also reminds me of my favorite time of the year when the family gathered at the farm for the Festa Junina. Thanks to Pasokin, I can keep the Brazilian traditions and memories alive and can share them with my son. My new favorite way to eat Pasokin is on açaí bowls and smoothies.
How would you define #pasokin