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What’s inside Pasokin?

Pasokin is made with three simple ingredients: carefully selected peanuts roasted in-house, cane sugar and salt. We don’t use any artificial flavors or preservatives.

For the PB Bites Cocoa Crunch, we combine all-natural cocoa powder and toasted organic quinoa.  

For the PB Bites Cinnamon Oat, we add all-natural cinnamon powder, oat bran and toasted quinoa.

How are Pasokin snacks made?

Once peanuts are roasted, we grind them with the other ingredients and use a powerful press to give the PB Bites their cork-like shape that crumbles and melts in your mouth! 

What’s the difference between Pasokin PB Crumbs and powdered peanut butter?

Powdered peanut butter is made by pressing peanuts to remove most of the oil, then grinding them into a fine powder. At Pasokin, we make our peanut butter crumbs by roasting peanuts and grinding them with cane sugar and salt. Differently from powder peanut butter, the peanut oil (an oilseed rich in monounsaturated fat, also known as the “good fat”) is not pressed out. Since there is no need to add water, Pasokin PB Crumbs can be used straight from the jar as a topping for your morning fruit and yogurt bowls, ice creams, açaí bowl, smoothies and as an all-natural ingredient in many recipes.

What’s the shelf life of Pasokin?

Pasokin PB snacks and crumbs can be stored at room temperature for up to six months. That means you can carry our delicious PB bites in your backpack or tuck it in your office drawer for an afternoon pick-me-up. 

Where does the peanut come from?

The peanut we use is grown and harvested in Texas. We are proud to use only the best American peanuts with a high content of oleic fatty acids. According to the National Peanut Board, the peanut rich in oleic acid is a worldwide tendency among quality growers because of its nutritional attributes and for offering a longer shelf life. 

How many SmartPoints® (Weight Watchers) points in Pasokin PB Bites?

1 unit has a value of 3 SmartPoints®. Our PB Bites come individually wrapped, making it a great and satisfying portion-controlled candy fix! 

Where does the name Pasokin come from?  

Pasokin is inspired by a famous Brazilian treat called paçoca (pronounced Pah-sō-Kah). It has a special place at the food stands during “Festa Junina,” a national-wide festival in honour to harvest. Paçoca has been around for over a century and remains one of Brazil’s most beloved snacks!

Where can I find Pasokin PB Bites and Crumbs?

Our Pasokin snacks are available at local grocery shops across the country. To find a retailer near you, click HERE. You can also buy our products online at our website and on