Chelsey and Jason Magness

Adventure Racers, Acrobats and Coaches - Bend, OR

We love everything that we do. As professional athletes, we test our mental and physical limits in some pretty amazing and remote places. As race directors, we get to explore amazing terrains that surround our home and share it with fellow racers. As acrobats and coaches, we get to teach (and learn from) students from around the world, and as writers for GearJunkie, we get to test and write about gear!

What’s your favorite Pasokin product? How do you like to enjoy it?
We LOVE the Original PB Bites. And while they taste good no matter what we are doing, we enjoy them the best when we are racing and training hard! Well, let’s be honest, Jason can eat them all day, any day!

How would you define #pasokin 
Uncomplicated (Chelsey). Smooth (Jason).