Raquel Heckert Henning

Professional Surfer - Hawaii

Curiosity made me a surfer. I remember standing on the beach when I was younger watching the surfers and thinking to myself: how are they doing that? This moment of curiosity has shaped my dreams today. Since then, I’ve surfed waves, made friends, and gathered experiences from all over the world. Curiosity still moves me, as I wonder how I can further improve my surfing skills every day. love to use surfing to inspire people, not just in the sport, but also in all areas of life.

What is your favorite Pasokin product and the best way you enjoy it?
I love both the Coca Crunch and the Original PB Bites. My favorite way to enjoy them is right before a surf session. I also like to crumble them on top of my homemade açaí bowls.

Can you define #pasokinlife in one word?