Pasokin partners with Got Your Back San Diego

October 2018

At Pasokin, we believe in giving back to our society. That is why we are taking part in the Got Your Back San Diego program to support children who are food insecure or homeless. Sources suggest that 99% of the schools in San Diego provide lunch assistance. Still, more than 26000 kids in San Diego County remain unsure about their food supplies on the weekends. Starting September, we will supply snacks to 150 kids every month through the Got Your Back San Diego Program.

How Hunger Affects Children
Hunger can have a negative impact on children in many ways. Some of the harmful effects include:

  • Hunger can cause children to function at lower than normal levels at school. It reduces their ability to participate fully in class and take part in other activities.
  • Children suffering from food insecurities are at higher risk of developing chronic health conditions like asthma and anemia.
  • Hunger affects a child’s quality of life in many ways. They may not perform well at school and start facing difficulty in their daily social interaction with peers.
  • Some of the side effects of malnutrition in children include mood swings, aggression, bullying, and anxiety.

Importance of Peanuts for Kids
Peanuts are a great source of energy, and help children in many ways including:

  • Nutrition with Taste: Studies show that almost 90% of American households keep a peanut jar at home. Children’s perception of nutritious food is associated with bad taste. When it comes to eating nutritious food, all they can think of is spinach and broccoli. Surprisingly, peanut butter has a great overall nutrition profile and tastes nice as well. Visit our website to check out our latest recipes for some yummy peanut food for your child.
  • Helps in Preventing Peanut Allergy: According to National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, peanut diet at an early age helps in preventing peanut allergy. It is a great way to help a child avoid one of the most common allergic reactions in the country. Peanut butter can be thinned enough to feed babies as well.

Why Pasokin
We are honored to be a part of the Got Your Back San Diego initiative. It will help us introduce a peanut snack to children that is:

  • Made from 100% natural ingredients.
  • You can be assured that no animals were harmed while making Pasokin, as it is 100% vegan.
  • Our products are 100% gluten free ensuring that children do not develop any gastric problems after eating Pasokin.
  • Many children are lactose intolerant, so we make our peanut butter dairy-free.
  • Peanut butter producers sometimes use preservatives to prolong their product’s shelf life. These preservatives such as hydrogenated oil have adverse effects on children’s health. At Pasokin, your wellbeing comes first, and therefore, our peanut butter is free from any preservatives.

As part of the San Diego Community, we want to share our snacks with underprivileged kids. Our future lies in the wellbeing of our children. We feel incredibly honored to be able to help the children of our society. We do this by providing them one of the tastiest and most nutritious snacks available in the market. By eating Pasokin peanut snacks, children can grow up into healthy adults with strong muscles and a lower risk of developing heart disease.