Simple, delicious
peanut butter snacks
the whole family
will love

Simple, Real Ingredients

Pasokin is made with safe, high quality
ingredients that you can actually pronounce.
Don’t worry about preservatives or additives,
what you read is what you get.


Made with convenience in mind,
our bite-sized peanut butter snacks
are super easy to carry with you on
hikes, to meetings, or in your gym bag.

Natural, Low-Calorie
Energy BoosT

We’ve got a low-calorie pick-me-up for
peanut butter lovers. Packed with protein,
these bites are a great source of whole
food energy.

Tasty, Healthy Treat

No Dairy, No Lactose, No Soy, doesn’t
have to mean No Fun. Pasokin is vegan
and taste bud-friendly with all the healthful
benefits of peanuts. Salty, Sweet, Satisfying.